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Comparison of Fowlpox virus with Lumpy skin disease virus, Monkey pox virus, and Sheep pox virus

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Every fowlpox protein is presented as a colored square and is linked to the corresponding file in GenBank. The color of the square reflects the degree of the protein sequence similarity to the best hit in lumpy skin disease virus (portion of the red component in the final color), monkeypox (portion of the green component in the final color), and sheeppox (portion of the blue component in the final color).

The white squares represent fowlpox virus proteins with highly conservative homologs in the other three species. The black squares represent fowlpox virus specific proteins without significant hits to the other three viruses (in the limits of the expection cutoff e-8). The squares with prominent primary colors represent proteins with more significant hit to just one target database

Please refer to the PyMood web page for the description of color mixing and to the project web page for the project description.

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