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Genomics Data Visualization Software

Click on any image to see the larger version.

Screenshots from Windows version

The main PyMood canvas, the Annotation dialog and BLAST output.

Selecting objects on the 3D Viewer by Search

3D Viewer, Options, and Selection by Range

The shortcuts to the PyMood programs on Windows

Object selection and then an external data lookup

The pseudo-3D cube sort, which allows moving and selecting objects easily.

Object selection, viewing the annotation and BLAST display.

Two comparisons are sorted in a plane

The webpage output of the previous screenshot.

The graphical BLAST launcher which generates input files for PyMood.

PyMood 3D Viewer with the cube outline on.

The BLAST Launcher proccessing files

PyMood startup screen

Project from data file setup window

Random project generator

Screenshots from Mac OS X version

2d view, showing data setup and annotation

2d plot with pseudo-cube and selection

PyMood BLAST Launcher on Mac

PyMood Help Browser

3D viewer screenshot showing Selection by Range

3D viewer showing other selection methods and annotation

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