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PyMood Upgrades

Downloads directory

To check which version you are running, open the file conf/version.txt in the PyMood or PyMoodMainDir folder. If the file does not exist in the "conf" directory on Mac, you are running a version earlier than "9".

Changelog for Upgrade 10 for OS X 10.3/10.4:
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • 3D Viewer window size can be changed by editting conf/3dconf.txt
  • Bugfixes in the installer

Changelog for Upgrade 9 for Windows/OS X Panther:
  • New function: Sequence Processor for sequence masking in the PyMood BLAST Launcher.
  • New project: The "cocoa_allometra" project in the "projects" folder as a Sequence Processor sample.
  • Help Viewer: The old help viewer is removed and replaced with an html-based viewer. (A shortcut will be added to your desktop and "PyMood Help.html" to your PyMoodMainDir folder.)
  • Added checking in PyMood BLAST Launcher for spaces in filenames.
On Windows, NCBI BLAST is also upgraded to version 2.2.9.
On OS X Panther, colored axes are added to the 3D Viewer.

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