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DAVIS, CA, September 25, 2002 Allometra announces the release of PyMood, a genomics visualization program. It is a desktop application adapted for displaying BLAST output files in 2D and 3D environments. The program accepts different kinds of data including expression data and mixed data sets.

Using PyMood does not require advanced bioinformatics knowledge. A typical use of the program would be to visualize the relationship between a query dataset and up to three other data sources, or to plot and sort the expression data.

For visual data presentation PyMood uses the three primary colors to represent a dataset in a 2D or 3D environment. (screenshots) In PyMood, every primary color (red, green, blue) represents the relationship between a query data set and one target data set. The intensity of the color (saturation) reflects the degree of data similarity. A combination of relationships between the query database and 3 target databases will produce an array of data points comprising the entire color spectrum. The relationships between the query database and 2 target databases are expressed as an array of different combinations of two primary colors. The monochrome option is available, as well.

PyMood combines the related data points into objects. An object in PyMood is a pictorial expression of combined data points from up to three sources in a 2D or 3D space. Each data point determines one coordinate (x, y, z) of the object. The objects are sorted in the space accordingly, with their color compositions.

PyMood allows for the retrieval and storage of visually selected data from 2D and 3D environments. PyMood automatically generates Web pages with imagemaps (clickable images) containing the results of 2D outputs, which allows easy publishing of project results onto the Web.

PyMood is cross-platform and works on Windows 2000/XP and Linux.

The description, screenshots, and an example project are available at

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