Starting PyMood

If Desktop shortcuts or Start Menu shortcuts were installed, locate the PyMood folder and enter it, and then click on 'PyMood' (or any other PyMood program). If Desktop or Start Menu were not installed, locate the installation directory (commonly C:\PyMood), enter the PyMoodMainDir/ folder, and run PyMood from there.

Mac OS X
If a shortcut 'PyMood' was created on your desktop, double click on it and run any of the applications. If one was not created, use the Finder to go to the install path, by default /Applications/PyMood.

Locate the installation directory (commonly ~/pymood (/home/you/pymood)) and enter it with the cd command. Then run pymood by typing ./pymood. Also run any other programs in this directory with dot-slash (./) prefixed because the pymood programs are most likely not in your $PATH variable.