Setting Up Custom RGB Files .rgb File Structure

To display your data in the PyMood Viewers, values must be normalized between 0 and 100 (integers only). The BLAST output data is normalized by the PyMood pipeline.

The .rgb file should have 7 columns and they must be arranged in the following order

A. unique identifier for every element
B. the data point to be the red axis coordinate
C. the data point to be the green axis coordinate
D. the data point to be the blue axis coordinate
E. unique identifier for the red data point
F. unique identifier for the green data point
G. unique identifier for the blue data point

You may either delete or leave blank columns E, F, and G, if you are not going to set up the annotation (.annotation) files.

Save the file as a tab delimited text file. The file name should not have any spaces and should end with the extension .rgb. The file must be saved in a folder in the projects folder within the PyMoodMainDir folder.