PyMood Setup Data File Setup

The Data File Setup window allows setting up an .rgb file for PyMood.
To start the Data File Setup window from the PyMood Main Menu
Click on Data File Setup

In the Data File Setup window you can select your RGB scheme by selecting RGB (red, green, blue), RG (red, green), or mono (black - white).
You will need three .matrix files for RGB, two .matrix files (red and green) for RG or one .matrix file (red) for mono. The .matrix files are the derivatives of the PyMood BLAST pipeline. When PyMood BLAST is completed, you will find them in the same folder with your query database file. When selecting .matrix files for this window, make sure that they are derived from BLAST searches with the same query database file.

To designate a red .matrix file in the Data File Setup window
Click on 'Red' button
Select the .matrix file and click Open. Repeat this procedure for green and blue matrices. You may designate any color to any matrix file. However, you will need to remember the assigned colors of the .matrix files for the following steps.

When all matrices for your project are selected, press the 'Generate RGB File' button. The generated .rgb file will appear in the lowest, white frame of the Data File Setup window.

You will be prompted to save the RGB data file. Type the file name with the extension .rgb > Click Save

As soon as an RGB data file is creted and saved you can close the Data File Setup window

          .rgb File Structure