PyMood BLAST Output Other Files info1 Files

For every BLAST output, PyMood BLAST parser will create an info1 file with the extension .info1

An example would be:

This file can be opened in any spreadsheet editor. The file contains eight columns, where:

     A. unique identifier for the query gene
     B. unique identifier of the best BLAST hit in the target database, if it is above the cutoff of the 'Expect value'
     C. annotation of the best BLAST hit in the target database
     D. normalized* expectation values
     E. score (bits)
     F. percentage of identity** between the overlapping regions
     G. number of identical letters in the overlap
     H. length of the overlap
     I. shows 1 if there is a BLAST hit found

     * normalized expectation value reflects the absolute value of the exponent in the expectation value. If the expectation value is 2e-15, the normalized expectation value is 15. For all expectation values better than e-100, like 3e-101, 7e-156, etc., the normalized expectation value 100 is assigned.