3D Viewer Options

The PyMood 3D Viewer window has a toolbar at the top, and the main 3D canvas, which displays the objects.

The Scrollbar on the top-right allows you to change the background on the 3D canvas to colors between black and white.

The Options button on the top toolbar of the PyMood 3D viewer opens the Options window. You must click the Update button for the changes to take effect.

     Shape of the objects may be modified on the 3D canvas. The default is Tetrahedron, which is the fastest because it only has 4 sides. Selecting a more detailed shape may be useful if you have fewer objects or want to take a screenshot.
     The Draw Type allows you to set the Shape as solid or wire-framed.
     If Square Outline is set to Yes, a wire-frame cube will be drawn around the entire 3D cube.
     Density allows you to change how closely the objects are oriented in the 3D canvas.