3D Viewer Annotation, Data Retrieval, and Saving

The Annotation button on the toolbar brings up the 3D Annotation window.
If there were objects selected when you clicked on this button, their annotations will be shown in the 3D Annotation window.

Left-double-clicking on an ID in the annotation window performs an external data lookup (see URL Path button), and right-double-clicking on the query ID (black font) performs a search for the alignment in the BLAST file. The Blast File button allows you to choose the BLAST file to use for the right-double-click action. To display the BLAST alignment for a selected gene, use right-double-click on the query ID (black font). The alignment will be displayed from the selected BLAST file.

The URL Path button opens the URL Path Setup window. The URL Path Setup window allows you to chose a URL from the list, add a URL, delete a URL, and change your network settings for the left-double-click action.

The most left button in the Annotation window is Update, which updates the annotation window to reflect the selected objects.
The Save button will present a prompt for a file name in order to save the text in the annotation window as a text file.
The Close button closes the Annotation Window.

The Screenshot button allows you to save the 3D canvas to a .png image. It will prompt you for a file name.