2D Viewer Canvas

When an .rgb data file is imported, go to File > Canvas Plot
Four new windows will appear: PyMood Canvas, 2D Object Info, Annotation Display 1, and Annotation Display 2

The Canvas window displays the query database genes in the same order as in the FASTA file. The color of every gene reflects its level of identity to the genes in the target database files. When you put your mouse over any object on the Canvas, its annotation will appear in the Annotation Window 1. Left-double-click on a single object will statically display its annotation in the Annotation Window 2.

Left-double-clicking on an ID in the Annotation Window 2 does an external data lookup defined by the URL Path. On Windows and Linux right-double-clicking on any query ID (black font) searches for the corresponding alignment in the Blast output file. To retrieve the BLAST alignment on Mac OS with a single button mouse press 'Command/Apple' key and double click on the gene ID. The Blast File button will prompt you for the BLAST file to use.

The 2D Object Info window displays the following information as you move your mouse over any object in the PyMood Canvas:
(top to bottom, and left to right)
the object ID
the pictorial representation of the color composition
the color ID
the color sample
saturation for red
saturation for green
saturation for blue
data point (normalized expectation value, or other) from the red .matrix file
data point (normalized expectation value, or other) from the green .matrix file
data point (normalized expectation value, or other) from the blue .matrix file