2D Viewer 2D Plot

The 2D Plot button on the 2D Object Info window starts the 2D Plot, which will create a pseudo-3D cube when RGB mode is selected (in Data File Setup) and create a plane for RG mode.
When the pseudo-3D cube is drawn, you can flip the green and blue axis by clicking 2D Plot button a second time.

When you put your mouse over any object in the 2D Plot window, its annotation will appear in Annotation Window 1. Left-double-click on a single object will statically display its annotation in Annotation Window 2. To select multiple objects on Window and Linux, right-click-drag over them. To select multiple objects on Mac OS with a single button mouse press 'Command/Apple' key and click-drag over them. This will place their annotations in Annotation Window 2.

Left-double-clicking on an ID in this window does an external data lookup defined by the URL Path. On Windows and Linux right-double-clicking on any query ID (black font) searches for the corresponding alignment in the Blast output file. To retrieve the BLAST allignment on Mac OS with a single button mouse press 'Command/Apple' key and double click on the gene ID. The Blast File button will prompt you for the BLAST file to use.

The URL Path button allows you to choose the URL to use for the external data lookup. After you select a URL in the URL Path Setup window you must click Set URL in that dialog.

The Save button in Annotation Window 2 prompts you for a file name in which the text contents of the annotation window will be saved.